Dear company,

Apologies for not getting in touch sooner – one waits for news until realising that any sensible deadline has already passed.  I’m sure you will not be surprised to hear that we are unable to go ahead with Carousel this year, but we have the rights to put on the show next summer!  At the risk of sounding repetitive, the committee feel sure that by July 2022 life will be pretty much back to normal.  We intend to offer the same parts to those already cast, though there may well be some performers unable to fulfil those roles a whole two years later, so we may have some more casting to do – and of course, we welcome anyone else who is interested – it’s a company show and there will be lots for everyone to do.  Booking accommodation as early as possible is strongly recommended (things appear to be going over a year in advance, though of course this may change once people feel secure about travelling abroad.)

Following recent developments re the lifting of restrictions the committee are thinking and hoping it might be possible to put on a smaller show in the summer.  Clearly, we wouldn’t be able to rehearse until June 21st, so we had two ideas:  The Pirates of Penzance (Lots of people know it so we could rehearse quickly, and it always sells well) or a review show, potentially of songs from the golden era of musicals (this could include four chorus numbers and a lots of solos and duets which would be simple to rehearse).

We think it might be a good idea to cut our performances to Thurs, Fri and Sat, (so that would be 29th – 31st July) meaning we could rehearse on Wednesday and Thursday daytime, making the whole thing quicker and simpler than our usual summer ventures.
The difficulties are the uncertainties and where that leaves us with accommodation.  We now have confirmation that we can hire the Venture hall.  For those of you who are not acquainted with it, this is a simple event venue, used for guides and local groups.  It has two decent sized rooms, a kitchen, toilets and showers.  It is not glamourous, and you need to bring your own bedding, but it is clean and well located.  I think it would be £5 a night to stay there, as the prices have recently gone up.

Of course, we can’t confirm this event at the moment, it will depend on the lifting of the Covid restrictions going to plan.  If you are prepared to stay at the Venture Hall, or have already booked accommodation, might you be interested in being part of this show?  Please email Kirsty at by the end of March letting me know what you are prepared to do so we can work out the logistics and whether this whole project might be possible.  Any further questions or ideas would be most welcome and the decision to go ahead with the show (and the form of the show) will be based on your responses.

Keeping Optimistic,
Kirsty, Ian, Mark, Bee, Tanya and Robert
The Imperial Productions Committee

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